The Story Behind the Picture



Help Houston

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have devastated areas of the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. It is said that the worst circumstances often bring out the best in us. Billionaires and millionaires have pledged millions of dollars. Corporations offer goods and to match their customers' financial donations. And, of course, little children give from the heart all that they have to give, in the form of the iconic lemonade stand.


Kiara, Gabby, and Lydia are cousins and best friends. They're sometimes known as the "Trio of Trouble". They have all good intentions of having innocent fun, but often seem to be just on the verge of trouble.



Miz Mazie Bakes

Miz Mazie bakes with a purpose. She loves to share her love of baking and all of her other many talents and hobbies with family, friends, neighbors, and any one else who would enjoy them. Her motto is "A good deed a day".